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James T. Barr, DC, CCSP

Dr. James Barr of Barr Chiropractic and Sports Clinic bought his business at 4719 Banning in White Bear Lake, MN in the summer of 2009. Originally from Minneapolis, he spent 23 years in northern Wisconsin in a community with a small town atmosphere. He wondered what it would be like practicing in the big city. He shares that White Bear Lake is the best of both worlds with that small town feel that’s beautifully warm and friendly. People love to come in and see Dr. Barr; they come in hurting and walk out smiling. Dr. Barr is friendly and loves to share a few good laughs with his patients as well as provide expert care.

As a marathoner and triathlete, Dr. Barr understands very well the type of care the athletes who make up a large part of the sports side of his practice need. Patients at Barr Chiropractic range from colicky babies to the elderly in nursing homes to the very fit triathlete.

Formerly the Team Chiropractor for the MN Swarm professional lacrosse team, Dr. Barr is a tri-athlete, Iron Man finisher, marathon runner and enjoys working with athletes and patients of all ages. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sport Physician, certified in Active Release Technique (a non invasive relaxation for muscles), and nutrition wellness. Barr Chiropractic and Sports Clinic offers state of the art procedures including spinal decompression, laser, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound therapy. He offers plantar fascitis treatment and in-office rehab.

“A lot of people think of chiropractic as merely neck and back pain issues. I don’t believe there is another profession that gets to the heart of what health is about from not only neurological and spinal care, but also from nutritional standpoint. Helping the body maintain its mobility and immune system function are the strength of good chiropractic care today. Don’t wait until neck and back pain are bothering you, but take care of your spine because it is a lifeline to your health – especially as you get into your later years.”

Dr. Barr graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1987. He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Chiropractic Physicians Association. Dr. Barr, father of five, lives in the Hugo area with his family and beautiful wife Diane, two cats named Sawyer and Hobbs and a Golden Retriever called Summer. He enjoys hockey, running, hunting, singing and playing guitar. “Dr Jim” loves his family, friends, and patients. He believes in the healing art of chiropractic and finds reward in helping his patients live full and healthy lives.

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