Zach (9 years old)He told his Mother after his first treatment: “Dr. Barr has hands like a magician”.


Cindy T: “After suffering for many years from chronic neck pain, at my friend’s suggestion, I finally decided to see a Chiropractor. My neck pain was at a point where I could barley move my head in any direction without a fair amount of pain. Coming to see Dr. Jim was one of the best things I have ever done to improve my health! After the initial adjustment, and a few subsequent sessions I was free of the constant neck pain I had experienced. It really has changed my life! I feel like a new person”


Sheri H: “Dr. Barr’s knowledge of chiropractic care and the individual’s need was tantamount to my healing. I came in with pain from a fall and left several sessions later with the problems I had before the fall as well as the current on taken care of. His kind, concerned manner kept me returning until I was better. I am convinced that maintenance work is not only beneficial, it is necessary”.

“Thanks Dr. Barr”


Ron B: “I wanted to thank you for the healing support that you have provided. I believe finding a health care professional that instills confidence in the patient at the same time as administering care I paramount to getting well. I think some people make very good choices in their career path and you are proof of that theory. I feel that being genuinely interested in helping someone is the key to being the best we can be in our professions. I will heartily recommend you to others”.


Sarah L: “This is my first experience with a Chiropractor. Dr. Barr works wonders! I was in a great deal of low back and neck pain which prompted me to call and make an appointment. Dr. Barr was able to see me that day! He offered tips on stretching and other remedies to ease my pain. I was put on a regular schedule of visits, and after two months I was almost symptom free. I’m now on a maintenance program to keep my back and body in great working order. The office is very comfortable, the staff is friendly, helpful, and always very professional”.